Injured Riders Fund


Finanical Need

B.U.D.'S Foundation is a donation based 501 ( c)(3) organization. Those donations are to help injured riders based on financial need with expenses such as medical bills, utilities, food, or other life necessities as long as there are funds available and the criteria is met. Assistance may also available to families of fallen riders' families. We believe that Awareness and Safety is everyone's responsibility thus those requesting assistance are asked to complete a simple application process.


medical equipment

 It is a fact that Riders can experience some of the worst injuries. And their injuries can reflect just show just such, and insurance doesn't always meet the medical needs or provide the items needed. If you need a walker, scooter, crutches, wheelchairs, shower chairs or other medical equipment, just ask. IF we can obtain it or IF we have it, we will loan it to you for however long you need it. This is a donation based part of our foundation program, thus we rely on medical equipment to be able to loan it out. If you have a piece of medical equipment you are no longer using, please contact us so we can arrange for pick up and or drop off.


Emotional Support

An accident can be a traumatic experience for both the rider as well as the family members. To have someone to talk to about your accident can be a big help. Whether if is the rider that needs to talk to or their family member, we have a Comfort Team who provides a listening ear. Although, we are not counselors, we serve as a Team of Volunteers and Officers who have been through similar experiences. We can also refer you to those professionals if you need. After accidents, people call to ask for prayers, but so many ask for more. We have a network of Ambassadors from churches, organizations, and motorcycle ministries who will reach out to offer spiritual support when requested. 


Funeral & Memorial Assistance

B.U.D.'S Foundation is always compassionate when it comes to sharing the need for everyone to have life insurance in place because it is not What but When. When it comes to funerals or memorials, planning alone is both overwhelming and a financial burden for many. We have volunteers of dedicated Insurance professionals who can explain planning with you. And if you experience losing a loved one who has little to no insurance it can cause additional stress. If the funds are available, B.U.D.'S Foundation can contribute to the cost of the funeral whenever financially possible.


If you or a loved one were involved in a motorcycle accident, please complete the Contact Us information and someone will be in touch within 24 hours. All requests must be submitted in writing so a member of our Comfort Team will reach out to you for additional information. 

Next Steps:

Once you fill out the Contact Us, one of our Volunteers will contact you to set a time to contact you. They will email, mail or fax you the Application for assistance. The team will review your accident, your financial and medical needs to help determine what your immediate needs are. The volunteer will report back to our board members and the board will determine how we can help based on multiple factors, including the funds we have available. Once a determination is made, a board member will contact you to discuss how we can help.

If it is to be discovered that you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the time of the accident the Help request will be DENIED. B.U.D.’S Foundation has promoted Awareness and Safety since 2011. And that is everyone’s responsibility.


To request Assistance, Please email for application assistance or Request Under the button below.