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The B.U.D.’S Biker Lives Matter Share -A-Shirts

First of all, let’s talk about the fact that there are TONS of different bicycles, mopeds, cruisers, dirt bikes, sport bikes, touring bikes or even  scooters to choose from but one thing is for certain…No more what you ride All Lives Matter. We really love our riding community here at our Store and we believe the world needs to know just how much we care. 

The SHARE-A- SHIRT CAMPAIGN encourages purchasing your favorite color BLM shirt from our store or you can also purchase one for that special person. Now, you may be thinking that a t-shirt or hoodie wouldn’t make much sense for you while you ride because no one will be able to see the design. Well, We are one step ahead of you, You can also order a shirt with Biker Lives Matter on the Back so you can show off your new t-shirt while you ride. Please inquire on which style in the memo at checkout! These Biker Lives Matter shirt are available in various sizes up to 5x and your club color is available. Each shirt is $25.00 and you can request a hashtag club name on the back if you would like as well which will be minimum of $8.00 extra. The orders are pre-paid so we ask for sizes and payments upfront. Groups are asked to have at least 12 shirts in order to submit your Group order. Remember, Biker Lives Matter apparel Helps promote our vision/mission of Awareness and Safety.                      

Because not only do Biker Lives Matter but All Lives Matter...We All Matter! As a matter of fact if you would like to purchase your shirt to state  Biker Lives Matter or All Lives Matter then please advise at check out. Thank you in advance!


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