B.U.D.’S Foundation Board Meeting

Jun 04, 2022

First Saturday of Each Month

B.U.D.’S Foundation is an innovative non-profit that combats the twin problems of riders awareness and safety while supporting the injured and families of the fallen by creating personalized, project-based learning environments where all riders and drivers, no matter what they ride or drive,  are challenged to meet high expectations of promoting safety on the roads. Being a member of  B.U.D.’S Foundation Advisory Board provides you with a unique opportunity to: 

  •     Contribute to the success of the non-profit 
  •     Make a positive impact on Motorcycle Safety and Awareness education 
  •     Serve your community 
  •     Help Expand your network and meet people with similar interests
  •     Extend your circle of contacts and perhaps develop new business
  •     Contributing to the development of a recognized riders awareness foundation
  •     Discover more new business partners or opportunities for cross-promotion
  •     Personal satisfaction of helping to steer a company to continued success

B.U.D.’S Foundation Board of Directors meetings are held Monthly. If you are interested, contact us to request an application or more information.