B.U.D.'S Foundation Projects

B.U.D.'S Foundation Project:
Community Awareness & Safety Educational Campaign

Awareness and Safety Educational Seminars/Events: As part of our Awareness and Safety Initiatives for the communities we serve, we will be expanding our educational programs to areas such as providing quarterly events to the local community, raising awareness of community issues, motorcycle safety issues, highway safety -sharing the road with other motorists, better roads and environmental issues. We will conduct various monthly events to invite the community out to chat with us and discuss their concerns. B.U.D.'S will carry out these events to include collaboration from various businesses, BikeSafe NC, Highway Patrol motorcyclists, and Motorcycle Safety Foundation to promote our Safety Days.

If you or your business or organization would like to take part or if you would like to sponsor an event, please click the button below.

B.U.D.'S Foundation Project:
Make the Children Smile - Coloring Book Campaign

B.U.D.'S FOUNDATION is working on a special project that will be put in dealerships all across the state. Since 2011, We have seen many children of injured and fallen riders as well as community children who come to us with a need of emotional support. Many times, it's financial-whether it is food, paying a utility bill, rent, or mortgage assistance to financial medical assistance. Many children of fallen riders obtain their only Christmas assistance through the B.U.D.'S Foundation support. We also attend various events across the dealerships and see many children with a curiosity about the love of riding. Our coloring books will provide a smile and a fun and educated way to assist them. Coloring has the ability to relax the fear center of your brain, the amygdala. It induces the same state as meditating by reducing the thoughts of a restless mind.

Please indicate if you would like to support the B.U.D.'S Foundation's Children's Books. We are still shy of our $5000 Goal! With Your support, we can reach our target goal by the end of the year. Please contribute today and your name will be added as a sponsor on the back of the book! For more information, please click the Sponsorship button and select your desired package.