B.U.D.’S Foundation Helping Hands Team Meeting

First Saturday of Each Month

The B.U.D.’S FOUNDATION Helping Hands Team Members OR HHT are primarily, the first points of contact for the Foundation when it comes to contacting or replying to the injured riders, children/families of fatality victims, and the community at large through acts of supportive kindness whenever possible in the effort of bringing comfort and hope. The HHT guides the operations and objectives of the B.U.D.’S Foundation and articulate and influence the importance of the community-at-large concerns, homelessness, mental health, food assistance, assisting families, injured/ill riders, and other community individuals in need and program growth with a commitment to reaching financial and strategic goals.
Are you compassionate and want to be a part of B.U.D.’S FOUNDATION, join the Helping Hands Team today!

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